Savoring Steaks at The Crossing, Atlanta’s Premier Steakhouse

The steakhouse in atlanta

In Atlanta, diverse flavors and dining experiences are offered everywhere; but The Crossing restaurant stands out as the best example of steakhouse cuisine. 

Why? Because this steakhouse restaurant is committed to excellence in every cut of beef. And, although the cornerstone of the menu is the steaks, The Crossing offers a variety of exquisite dishes and drinks as well.

Let’s explore the features that make The Crossing a key restaurant in Atlanta.


The Crossing is committed to sourcing high-quality cuts of meat to include in the menu along with various side dishes, handcrafted cocktails, and an extensive wine list curated to enhance the flavors.

However, our offerings go beyond. When savoring steak, personal preferences vary greatly. Hence, our guests have the opportunity to select their preferred level of doneness: 

  • Rare: For those who prefer a cool, red center.
  • Medium-Rare: A warm red center with a hint of pink; the perfect balance between succulence and tenderness.
  • Medium: A warm, pink center that offers a harmonious blend of juiciness and savory goodness.
  • Medium-Well: For those who prefer just a hint of pink at the center.
  • Well: Thoroughly cooked, yet still tender.

These are the irresistible array of cuts awaiting you at The Crossing:

Filet Mignon is renowned for being the leanest cut with minimal marbling. This exceptionally tender beef is, without any doubt, a true testament to culinary finesse.

The Ribeye is characterized by a greater amount of fat marbling, which offers a heartier flavor profile. Steak enthusiasts adore it! 

This cut features a bone that significantly enhances the flavor.

Our Steak Burger is crafted from a blend of 80% chuck, 15% brisket, and 5% short rib, and served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and your choice of one side.

Hand-cut from the short loin, the New York Strip offers a well-marbled texture and rich, beefy flavor. 

For those looking for a taste of nostalgia, the Chuck Wagon Chop Steak features chopped ground chuck cooked to perfection and piled high with savory mushroom and onion gravy. 

Slow-roasted daily to perfection, our Prime Rib is a limited-availability delicacy served with au jus and creamy horseradish sauce.

Another steak lover’s delight. The Top Sirloin Cut from the primal loin with the bone removed is prized for its robust flavor and succulent texture. 

Weighing in at over 2 pounds of beefy decadence, the Tomahawk steak is designed to be shared and savored. 

Beyond Steak: Perfect Pairings at Atlanta’s Premier Steakhouse

No steak dinner is complete without a delicious accompaniment!

You can complement your chosen cut with one of our signature sides designed to enhance the natural flavors of our steaks:

  • Crossing Mac & Cheese
  • Crossing Scalloped Potatoes
  • Vegetables (spicy creamed corn, chef select vegetables, brussels sprouts, asparagus spears, broccoli, sautéed spinach, fried okra, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, French fries.)

Besides, you also have various incredible appetizers and desserts to complement your dining experience.

A Toast to Excellence: The Crossing’s Impact as a Premier Steakhouse Restaurant in Atlanta

As you know, in Atlanta, a wide variety of culinary experiences await around every corner. 

However, The Crossing stands out due to our curated selection of premium cuts and personalized approach to steak doneness. That’s why The Crossing has become synonymous with the ultimate steakhouse experience in Atlanta. 

So, we gladly invite you to discover steakhouse excellence either by visiting us or ordering online from the comfort of your home.



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